Pembroke College Cambridge

The Semester Experience


You might be wondering what exactly a 'College' is. 

The University of Cambridge is made up of thirty-one individual Colleges and each is a separate institution with its own structure, culture and philosophy. Colleges provide you with housing, plus personal and academic support. Pembroke is the third oldest College and sits right in the heart of the city.

As a Semester Programme student, you'll matriculate as both a member of Pembroke College and the University of Cambridge and have access to a wide range of College and University services, such as the College Nurse and University Counselling Service. 

You'll soon come to realise that a College is not just a dorm, but a uniquely supportive environment. 

Beyond the classroom

While we're sure you'll be busy delving into exciting new areas of study, away from the library, you can throw yourself into a huge range of extracurricular activities on offer at Cambridge.

Whatever you’re into – sports, 音乐, 代理, 政治, 新闻, you name it – there’s a club or society to join. You’ll never get round them all, but we hope you’ll try some during your time in the city. It's also a great way of getting to know other Cambridge students.

Your social life starts here

Being part of a College is about being part of a friendly and vibrant community, and its important to us that you fully integrate into the close-knit student community here.

We'll introduce you to members of the Pembroke undergraduate student body early in the programme to help you find your feet in Cambridge. Plus, Pembroke has a Junior Common Room (JCR) which acts as the focus of undergraduate life. as well as a cafe and bar. Get an idea of Pembroke’s atmosphere from our JCR website – the Junior Parlour (JP).

University activities

Remember: you don’t just have access to all the goings-on in your own college, you can sample University-level activities too.

A very warm welcome

If your diary’s not already bursting with College and University plans, the International Programmes team has a raft of fun events planned for you.

The semester gets off to a great start with a welcome buffet and orientation sessions and winds up in style at our farewell drinks reception. You'll also get to attend a drinks reception with the Master of Pembroke College, your first formal hall and two trips out of Cambridge. 

There’s no place like Cambridge

You'll soon fall in love with our beautiful and historic city. Cambridge is a remarkable place whose links to first-class education and scholarship date back an impressive 800 years.

The University’s famous alumni have contributed to all branches of learning, endeavour and enterprise - it's hard not to be inspired! The environment is spectacular; you'll walk the same streets as some of the world's greats, enjoy formal dinners in historic dining halls and be surrounded by beautiful art and architecture.